ITSPHUN pieces
We cut the pieces ourselves from food-grade, environmentally-friendly
Priplak polypropylene The plastic sets are certified safe in the US and EU.
Regular pieces range from 2'' to 4'' in diameter.

Construction sets

The sets contain enough pieces to make each Platonic solid and many other objects. Descriptions and pictures of some of these objects can be found in the brochure or cards included in the packet.
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ITSPHUN Polygon Set
ITSPHUN 72 piece set
ITSPHUN Polygon Set

Mini puzzles

Ten different mini puzzles of various difficulty.
Plastic pieces are half the size of our regular polygon pieces.
Individually packaged.
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ITSPHUN mini puzzles

Special orders

Please  contact us for:
  • education sets with volume discounts
  • packages with a different number of pieces or other packaging methods
  • individual pieces or pieces of a different shape, material, or color
  • other products